The Age of Internet Empires | Mark Graham and Stefano De Sabbata

Mouth-Watering Maps Continue to Mine Big Data

Today’s data-savvy cartographers continue to pump out maps at breakneck speed.

Published On 10/07/2013
11:20 AM EDT
Smithsonian's interactive 'before and after' maps of American cities let users peer into the past and see how it compares with the present. | The Smithsonian, Natasha Geiling, ESRI
A color-coded interactive map illustrates the age of 1,053,713 buildings in New York City. | Brandon Liu, OpenStreetMap
This interactive map uses 2012 data gathered by the Brewers Association and provides a detailed overview of the American craft-beer industry. | The New Yorker, Larry Buchanan, Daniel Fromson
This map plots 3,313 data points where people have claimed to have seen Bigfoot. | Joshua Stevens
An interactive color-coded map shows regional dialect variations in the continental United States. | Joshua Katz
This map shows where various ethnic groups have settled in the continental United States. | National Geographic
A lust map was compiled using the number of sexually transmitted diseases reported per capita. | Kansas State University, Thomas Vought
This interactive maps of NYC's Citi Bikes and the District's Capital Bikeshare to show the ebb and flow of how often and when the programs' bikes are being used. | Jon Bruner
A color-coded map illustrates a country's size by its Internet population. | Mark Graham and Stefano De Sabbata
"Carna-Botnet" was made by hacking into nearly a half a million unprotected computers. | Carna Botnet