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The Mormon Missionary Who's Survived Three Terrorist Attacks

Mason Wells was injured in the Brussels terrorist attack on Tuesday, but was also close to the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 and the Paris attacks in November.

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It's hard to imagine being there during a terrorist attack like the Brussels attack on Tuesday, let alone being injured in one. It's even harder to imagine having already survived two other terrorist attacks before then. But that's exactly what happened to 19-year-old Mason Wells of Utah. He was injured in the Brussels attack, but he had already been there for the Boston Marathon bombings and was in Paris during the terrorist attacks in November, reports The Independent.

Wells was in the departure area of Zaventem Airport when the explosions went off and he suffered shrapnel injuries, a head gash, a severed Achilles tendon and some severe burns. Just three years ago, Wells was watching his mother run the Boston Marathon when he felt the ground shake as a pressure-cooker bomb exploded only a block from where he was standing. This past November, Wells was also in Paris at the time of the terrorist attacks, though luckily he was in another part of the city and was not harmed.

Wells is part of the Church of Latter Day Saints and was in Brussels on a Mormon missionary trip. Bishop Scott Bond from the LDS Church in Sandy, Utah told the New York Daily News that it was quite incredible Wells would be so close to all three of these attacks, but that he is very resilient. "I think any of us would be seriously shaken, but I think he's someone who could handle this better than anybody. He's the kind of young man to somehow turn this into a positive. He's a terrific young man."

Other missionaries were injured in the blasts as well and need hospital treatment as Wells did. The missionaries who remain in Brussels were encouraged to stay in their homes, but will continue their mission of preaching the gospel in Europe.

To learn more about ISIS, the group claiming responsibility for the Brussels attack, watch this video: