Mind Meld! Top Brain-Controlled Techs

Science expands what we can achieve with just our thoughts.

Published On 06/06/2013
10:30 AM EDT
A mind-controlled robotic arm helped this patient drink a beverage without any help from doctors or nurses. | Nature video screen grab
The MindWalker exoskeleton debuted in Belgium and is currently in clinical trials. | Helen Thomson, New Scientist video
Several teams are advancing machines to decode brain signals and translate them into speech or text | Vernon Doucette and Kalman Zabarsky
Brian implants could allow people to move paralyzed limbs. | Northwestern University
Mind-control technology was used to manipulate this humanoid PR2 robot named Hobbes. | Youtube Screen Grab
A noninvasive method allows people to fly this remote-controlled helicopter by squeeze a hand into a fist. | University of Minnesota
The BrainDriver system allows a person to steer a car using his own brainwaves. | Autonomous Labs
The Unlock Project is being developed so that a locked-in person can control everything in his home with his mind. | The Unlock Project
Scientists have wired together the brains of two rats, allowing them transmit information between each other and cooperate. | Katie Zhuang, Laboratory of Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, Duke University