The Drone Race Worth a Million

The drone race with the biggest payout is also the most competitive.

<p>Photo: YouTube</p>

The World Drone Prix in Dubai has the largest first place prize of any drone race in the world: $1 million. Such a large cash prize has drawn the best pilots from all over the world, but this race is no easy feat, even for the best of the best. The course is one of the most difficult these pilots have ever experienced.

Each drone is custom-built and engineered for maximum agility and speed. Most can get up to 100 miles per hour (161 km/h), which makes the possibility of it breaking upon impact all the more likely.

One race participant, Chad Nowak, says he feels like Bill Gates in 1970s Silicon Valley. No one really gets what they're doing, and it probably seems like they're just a bunch of nerds playing around, but they truly understand what the future has in store. They believe drones are a big part of that future.

Watch the video below from Bloomberg to see who took home the top prize this year.

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