Meet a Mars One Applicant Ready to Leave Earth Forever

Anthony sits down and talks with a person ready to leave planet Earth forever. Radford Uchihara has applied to be among the first humans to set foot on Mars as part of the Mars One program. He tells Anthony why he thinks he'd be a good candidate and what compels a person to apply for this daunting one-way trip.

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How will the astronaut selection proceed?
"On the 22nd of April Mars One launched round one of the global search to find the best candidates for the first human mission to Mars in 2023. Mars One is an international organization - we encourage anyone in the world who is 18 years or older to apply for the selection program."

One Way Astronaut Documentary

One-way Mars trip: Application deadline for Martian colony nears
"Martian wannabes dust off those resumes: The application deadline for a one-way mission to Mars is almost here."

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