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The Future of Green Offices May Be Rewritable Paper

Scientists hacked a standard inkjet printer to create multicolor images that can be erased and reprinted eight times on the same sheet of paper.

Structure and multicolor printing of rewritable paper. a Schematic illustrations of four-layer structure used to create the rewritable paper based on L 1 . b Colorful image of a flower drawn by different metal salts aqueous solution as ink. Scale bar = 1 cm. c An image of trees printed using a customized black inkjet cartridge filled with FeCl2 aqueous solution. Scale bar = 1 cm. d Colorful printing of the badge of Institute of Advanced Materials using an inkjet cartridge filled with FeCl2, Zn(NO3)2 and Co(NO3)2, respectively. Scale bar = 1 cm. | Nature Communications
Rewritable printing process | Nanjing University