Marx's Fave

CHICO MARX'S FAVORITE SCAM! Swindle your friends with this easy rigged contest.

The Setup: lay out 10 items in a circle. they can be cards, coins, bills... anything that has a "heads" and "tails" side.

The Game: select any face up item as a starting point, and count three additional items in either direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). Turn over the bill you land on, then start again, selecting any face up bill as your starting point. Continue until there are no more available moves. The winner is the one who can play and end up with the fewest remaining face-up bills.

The scam: You can always win the game if you follow a simple algorithm: each turn, make sure you *end* on the bill that you *started* on the previous turn. If you do this, you'll always end up with only ONE face up bill!