NASA/JPL-Caltech (edit by Ian O'Neill/Discovery News)

Mars Rover Watches the Sun Set and Moon Rise

Mars rover Curiosity may have a busy schedule of science while exploring Gale Crater, but that doesn't mean it can't enjoy the view once and a while.

Published On 07/03/2013
3:00 PM EDT
Sequence of raw images showing the sun setting over Gale Crater on sol 312. The sequence of images span 5 minutes. The horizontal lines covering the sun's disk are caused by CCD saturation -- the bright light from the sun causes a 'bleeding' effect across rows of pixels. This is a common phenomenon in CCD optics. | NASA/JPL-Caltech
Phobos rises over Curiosity: Sequence of raw images captured by the rover's NavCam of Mars' largest moon on sol 317 of the mission. This sequence spans 19 minutes. | NASA/JPL-Caltech