Lying is Acceptable, Sometimes: DNews Nuggets

Students undermine their teachers to gain ground socially.

Honesty Lessons are Variable: In the ongoing battle of teacher versus student, the students' arsenal is more complex than previously thought - simply because there are more of them.

It would seem that some kids are learning to lie as a positive outcome, a study finds. if the whole class faces punishment and an innocent student stands up to take the punishment, the student has lied, but raised their social standing. The social reputation outweighs the authority and rules of the teacher.

This is not the only example. It also extends to more nefarious methods, i.e.: cheating.

Lying in classrooms has always been discouraged, but students are learning to work together to cheat the system. Honesty is an "ambivalent mode of behavior in young people," said PhysOrg, "that depends on the situation, context and individual." The researchers found a "discrepancy between morally legitimate, conventional honesty rules and individually founded and peer-based unconventional honesty rules."

Simply put: peer-reputation outstrips societal-reputation every time. via PhysOrg