Artwork of a thin crescent moon (just after the new moon phase) and earthshine, a phenomenon where the moon is faintly lit by sunlight reflected from the Earth. | Mark Garlick Words & Pictures Ltd/Science Photo Library/Corbis

Lunar Phases: The Changing Face of the Moon

The moon is constantly changing through a cycle of phases; what can you see during each phase and why are they important?

Published On 10/08/2013
3:00 PM EDT
Photograph of a waxing crescent moon. | Dennis di Cicco/Corbis
Half moon in the sky (the "first quarter") over Miami Beach, Fla. | Camilo Morales/Glowimages/Corbis
Photograph of a waxing gibbous moon. | Dennis di Cicco/Corbis
The full moon over Capri island, Italy, with the Sorrento coast in the distance. | Atlantide Phototravel/Corbis
After a thunderstorm, a waning gibbous August moon rises in the sky over Randolph Township, NJ. | Robert Sciarrino/Star Ledger/Corbis
A half moon (last quarter) hangs above snowy mountains. | Beat Glanzmann/Corbis
A rising waning crescent moon. | Alan Dyer, Inc/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis