London Zoo Annual Census Counts the Critters: Photos

Zoo staff ring in the new year with a 'stocktake' of each and every animal on the premises, covering more than 750 species.

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While everyone was counting down to midnight last week, London Zoo staff were gearing up for another kind of count -- the yearly "stocktake" of each and every animal on the premises. As we will see, it's been a busy week knocking on doors and hoping the animals won't avoid the census takers. Luckily, it's the age of the Internet and social media, so we get to see them at their work. Here the zoo's multiple penguins mill about and do their best NOT to be still so the counter can get an accurate tally.

Penguin Huddles Move Like Waves

This Jackson's chameleon isn't going to squirm away from being counted.

These lemurs seem happy enough to cooperate. They have to be: The count is an annual requirement for the zoo, necessary for the facility to retain its license.

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How can you not smile, if the task at hand is counting meerkats? The count of these and all of the other animals usually takes about one week.

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The information they learn is shared with zoos all over the world, to assist in various breeding programs and endangered animal recovery efforts. No doubt these lion cubbies will sound off when their names are called. Or, maybe not.

Arachnids, too, needed to be tallied up.

Late in November of 2015, western lowland gorilla Effie, 22 years old, gave birth to this latest addition to the zoo's population.

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This huge litter of African hunting dog puppies was born to Branca and proud papa Kruger. Time to count 'em up!

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Here might be the toughest task encountered by the zoo staff: counting moon jellyfish!

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This llama seems to approve of the effort being made by its keepers.

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