Goats kissing. | Fir0002/Flagstaffotos. Wikimedia Commons

Kissing's Long History: A Timeline

Some researchers believe that kissing began millions of years ago as a result of mouth-to-mouth feeding.

Published On 02/14/2013
8:30 AM EST
1895 illustration of the epic Mahabharata. | Chore Bagan Art Studio / Wikimedia Commons
Bust of Alexander the Great, 2nd century. | Acquired by Henry Walters, 1912, Walters Art Museum / Wikimedia Commons
A couple kissing. Terracotta figurine made in Tarsus, Roman Era. | Jastrow/ Wikimedia Commons
Detail of a miniature of Love kissing the Lover, 1490 – 1500. | Master of the Prayer Books / Wikimedia Commons
The Cavalier's Kiss, Frederic Soulacroix (1858-1933). | Wikimedia Commons
An iconic scene from the film, "The Kiss." | Wikimedia
One of the most iconic images of a kiss. New York City celebrating the surrender of Japan, 1945. | Lt Victor Jorgensen/ US Archives