Juvenile Great Whites Thriving off Huntington Beach

For reasons that remain unclear, young shark numbers are way up.

The waters off Huntington Beach, Calif. Are teeming with juvenile great white sharks, in numbers not seen in three decades, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Last year was the first time beach officials needed to keep swimmers out of the water due to shark sightings, and since 2015 there have been three closures.

"I've seen more white sharks this year than I have in the previous 30," a marine safety official told the Times.

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It's not clear why there are so many young great whites in the beach's waters. Possible reasons might include improved water quality in the area and warmer sea temperatures from El Nino, experts suggested.

Are the young ones a threat to people? Not likely, experts told the Times. The juveniles are feasting on other fish and people aren't exactly their prey, and they're swimming closer to shore because there's more food for them there and it's a good way to dodge predators.

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