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Journey to the South Pacific: Photos

The upcoming IMAX movie 'Journey to the South Pacific,' takes a look at life above and below the waters of the Coral Triangle.

The new IMAX film Journey to the South Pacific features Jawi Mayor (center), a 13-year-old island boy from Indonesia who gets a closer look at his backyard reefs during an inter-island adventure aboard the Kalabia. The film will be released in IMAX theaters on Nov. 27, 2013, but you can catch behind-the-scenes images from the movie here.

The Kalabia, a former illegal fishing vessel, now operates as a floating classroom that travels from village to village in West Papua, Indonesia, teaching children about the importance of protecting their reefs.

For Jawi, his first experience swimming with a whale shark was with the crew of the IMAX film "Journey to the South Pacific." In an interview with writer Ted Reckas, director Greg MacGillivray said, "The night before we filmed, I asked Mark Erdmann, our science advisor, to give a little slide show of his kids swimming with whale sharks. Jawi’s eyes were like this (wide-eyed, laughs) because the animals are gigantic."

Underwater director of photographer Howard Hall in West Papua with the IMAX camera and underwater housing, which together weigh 250 pounds.

Manta rays flourish in West Papua, Indonesia. The local community works with tourist operators in the region to help protect the coral reefs.

View of the islands of West Papua from the top of Mount Pindito.

West Papua is a province of Indonesia and is part of the Coral Triangle, considered the global epicenter of marine diversity.