Jellyfish on Boom-Bust Cycle Worldwide

Though some reports suggest jellyfish are taking over the world's oceans, long-term records of these gelatinous animals fail to show a global increase in jellyfish blooms.

January 2, 2013
1:59 AM EST
Mastigias jellyfish flood Jellyfish Lake, a marine lake in Palau, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Here, researchers found that pulsating jellyfish stir up the oceans with as much vigor as tides and winds, making them major players in ocean mixing. CREDIT: K.Katija/J.Dabiri.
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Giant jellyfish (Nemopilema nomurai) clogging fishing nets in Japan. Also called Nomura's jellyfish, these gelatinous creatures can grow up to 6.7 feet (2 meters) in diameter. CREDIT: Dr. Shin-ichi Uye