It's Man vs. Giant Panda in China Zoo Tussle

Video captures a young man's attempt to bond with a zoo's bamboo-eating behemoth.

A zoo in China's Jiangxi province was the site of a bit of questionable judgement from a young man who thought it would be fun to jump into a slumbering giant panda bear's habitat and play with the big animal.

In short order, though, the bear decides that rather than letting itself be petted it would prefer a nice tussle with the man, who soon found himself tangled up on the ground with the panda named Mei Ling. The encounter was caught on closed-circuit video.

The man soon freed himself and ran for safety. Officials later said both man and bear were unharmed in the exchange, although the man's pants reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Giant pandas prefer bamboo as their nearly exclusive food source, but history shows they are not above taking a bite out of someone who intrudes on their turf.

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