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Islamic Republic vs Islamic State: What's The Difference?

The Gambia declared itself as a type of Islamic state, but it's not to be confused with the Islamic State. So what is the difference?

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In December 2015, the president of The Gambia announced that the country would transition into becoming an Islamic Republic. At its core, an Islamic Republic is a democratically governed state rooted in Sharia law.

Currently, there are four other Islamic republics: Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Mauritania. Historically, these countries have become Islamic republics as part of major political shifts aimed at reshaping national identity.

In 1979, as part of the Iranian Revolution, the secular, autocratic Shah was ousted from power and Iran declared itself an Islamic Republic. Iran's supreme religious leader reaffirmed Allah's sovereignty over the country, but declared that the people would have the right to elect their political leaders.

Afghanistan undertook a similar transition in 2001, after U.S. forces drove out the Taliban and the country formed a new constitution. Although Afghanistan has democratic government institutions in place, it's worth stressing that its constitution presumes all Afghanis are Muslim and does not specify anything about citizens who belong to other faiths.

For The Gambia, reports indicate that the country wants to move away from its British colonial past and has thus decided to become an Islamic Republic.

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