Is Your Girlfriend Flirting With Someone On Facebook?

Facebook has changed the world of dating over the past few years. Tara and Crystal are here to discuss a new study showing that your partner might be keeping someone added in case your relationship fails!

Social media has significantly modified the rules of how we interact with people, and making us redefine concepts like "cheating" and "infidelity". Sometimes the rules aren't as cut-and-dry: some people might think they're doing nothing wrong, while similar behavior off-line would be considered cheating beyond a doubt.

Researchers at University of Indiana surveyed 374 Facebook users in relationships regarding the idea of "back-burners", which they define as exes or platonic friends who they think they could potentially connect with romantically, should their current relationship fall apart.

There's nothing inherently wrong with keeping in touch with a "back-burner" per se, but once you start exchanging flirtatious or sexually charged messages with them, the lines start to get blurred. The U. of Indiana study found that a lot of people use Facebook to keep in touch with back-burners or exes - with men being twice as likely to do so than women.

The big, shocking result of the study is that people in relationships admitted to having romantic or sexual conversations with an average of TWO people outside of their relationship! Furthermore, a study by market research company OnePoll found that as many as 50% of all women in relationships kept in touch with someone they considered to be a "back-up husband".

Do you think this officially constitutes as cheating? If you found out your partner was exchanging sexually explicit messages with a back burner on Facebook, would you get mad and confront them on it? Do *you* keep any back-ups yourself? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Half of women have a fall-back partner on standby who has always fancied them, in case their current relationship turns sour
"Half of all women have a fall-back partner on call should their current relationship turn sour, it emerged today."