Is Health Food Making You Fat?

Healthy foods are good for us, but there's a weird way they might be making you fat!

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Obesity has become an epidemic in the U.S. with as much as two thirds of women and three quarters of US men overweight or obese. One detail from the study discussed here is particularly troubling: authored by the a,a, shows that foods marketed as fitness, diet, or healthy options can lead to overconsumption and actually reduce consumers' motivation to exercise.

The study examined the eating and exercise patterns of so-called "restrained" eaters, who are chronically concerned about their body weight and image. Participants were allowed to choose between two bags of trail mix, one labelled simply "Trail Mix", while the other was labelled "Fitness Trail Mix", with an image of running shoes on the package. They were given eight minutes to eat and then give their opinions on their choice. Overwhelmingly, participants who chose the "Fitness" mix ate more, compared to those who ate the other.

Often, "diet" foods are mores unhealthy than their non-diet counterparts. Food producers try to make a "diet" food have less fat, but often add way more sugar and sodium to make it taste better. So, don't be fooled by a pair of running shoes, a happy sun, or pictures of happy, rugged hikers: Always read nutrition facts and the ingredient list of foods before you buy, and remember: eat less of the real thing than to eat more of a processed clone.

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