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'Invisible' Train Blends Into the Countryside

The new Seibu flagship train cars will have an organic shape and semi-reflective skin designed to mirror the surrounding scenery. Continue reading →

The sleek bullet trains of Japan speed through the landscape in a blur. Starting in 2018, they'll be even more difficult to see.

A firm called the Seibu Group has commissioned renowned Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima to redesign the exterior and interior of the company's Red Arrow commuter train.

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The redesign is meant to commemorate the company's 100th anniversary, reports Dezeen.

An initial rendering from Sejima shows a train with rounded lines and a semi-reflective coating that acts like mirror.

According to Sejima, she designed the cars to be soft and blend into the landscape.

The award-winning architect has gained reputation for designing buildings, but she took on the train project because it was an opportunity to work with a object made to move through different environments, reports Fast Co Design.

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For the inside of the train, Sejima envisions a relaxing, living-room type setting.

Only a limited number of express-route trains will feature Sejima's designs.

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