The star ship Enterprise travels at warp speed in the new "Star Trek: Into Darkness" trailer. | Paramount Pictures

Into Reality: Top Star Trek Warp Speed Concepts

As Star Trek 'Into Darkness' hits movie screens, let's take a look at the plausibility of traveling at warp speed and some of the real physics behind the warp drive.

May 14, 2013
6:29 PM EDT
No star streaks and psychadellic colors? Nope, at warp speeds, you'll see this blob. | Univ. of Leicester
"Who punched that hole in spacetime? | NASA
If you go too fast, will you get burned? Possibly, say warp speed critics. | NASA/edit by Ian O'Neill/Discovery News
Zoom! Warp speed may not be so "impossible" after all. | iStockPhoto
The warpship concept uses dark energy to manipulate spacetime, creating a warp bubble. | Richard Obousy Consulting and Alex Szames Antigravite
Two possible warpship configurations. Richard Obousy's warpship concept (left) and Sonny White's "energy efficient" warpship design. | Richard Obousy Consulting and Alex Szames Antigravite/Harold "Sonny" White, NASA
Captain Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" | Paramount Pictures