Inside the Drug War in Southeast Asia  

Poverty and conflict are driving opium production in the Golden Triangle. What is this region and why is it a hub for the global drug war?

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Myanmar Returns to What Sells: Heroin (nytimes.com)
"Poppy cultivation in Myanmar has nearly tripled since 2006, reaching close to 150,000 acres, according to surveys carried out by the United Nations."

Clashes erupt in north Myanmar over opium poppy fields (bbc.com)
"Clashes have erupted in northern Myanmar between farmers and Christian anti-drug vigilantes attempting to destroy opium poppy fields."

Burma and Transnational Crime (fas.org)
"Transnational organized crime groups in Burma (Myanmar) operate a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that stretches across Southeast Asia. Trafficked drugs, humans, wildlife, gems, timber, and other contraband flow through Burma,supporting the illicit demands of the region and beyond."