Gray squirrel tactics inspire deceptive robot. | likeaduck, Flickr

Innovations Inspired by Animals

Animals are inspiring ideas to help take the pain out of injections, feign enemies in military combat, make better body armor and more.

Published On 03/25/2013
9:44 AM EDT
Porcupine quills as needles. | Marie Hale, Flickr
Spider silk as medical adhesives. | Ashitaka San, Flickr
Gecko's sticky feet inspire medical tape. | Harshlight, Flickr
A white shark is sleek and fast in the water. | Wikimedia Commons
Peregrine falcons inspire jets. | Dennis Jarvis, Wikimedia Commons
Jellyfish inspire cancer-detecting microchips. | Garrett Rooney
Bats use of sonar has been applied in medical ultrasound machines. | Don Pfritzer, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Mantis shrimp may inspire new body armor. | Prilfish, Flickr
T. rex moved in a way that could be applied in spacecraft. | Illustration by Chris Glen, University of Queensland