How Worms Can Fix Your Heart

The end of stitches is near! Scientists have been experimenting with different adhesives, and one of the most promising is from worms. Sandcastle worms excrete an adhesive substance that could hold things together in a high-dynamic environment...say, a human heart! Watch Trace as he tells you how these gross worms can help you mend your broken heart.

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Sandcastle Glue
"Phragmatopoma californica, also known as the Sandcastle worm, is a sabellariid polychaete that lives in intertidal zones off the coast of California."

Worm Inspired Glue Mends Broken Hearts
"The beating heart is a tough place to try sticking things together."

Can Slug Glue Make Stitches Obsolete?
"When it comes to sealing up surgical cuts and deep wounds, stitches are so last century."

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