How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Our Lives?

Artificial Intelligence certainly has the potential to make our lives easier but what jobs will be left for us puny humans once the robots are capable of performing at-or -our own abilities?

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In this episode, Trace tries to imagine what an AI-powered future might look like. One outcome that a lot of futurists predict is "the singularity": the merging of man and machine. In 1990, noted futurist Ray Kurzweil predicted that this was the inevitable conclusion of where technology will lead us. Kurzweil reminds us that the computer powering his cellphone is literally several billion times more powerful and 100,000 times smaller than the computers he used 25 years ago. He asks: what will computers look like in 25 years? He imagines they will be a billion times more powerful, and shrunk down to the size of a blood cell.

As computers get smarter and better at reasoning, one of the biggest concerns people have is that they will take away our jobs. The fact is, robots have been taking our jobs for years. In 1812, a man named Ned Ludd was afraid that weaving looms were going to makes weaver's jobs obsolete; he and fellow "luddites" smashed looms out of protest and fear. Today, the word "luddite" still means a person opposed to new technology. In the late twentieth century, advances in robotics resulted in machines filling a number of manufacturing jobs on automobile assembly lines. Will self-driving cars make a taxi drivers and truck driver's jobs obsolete? Will these advances make all our jobs obsolete, or will they make our lives easier and our workdays shorter?

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