How We're Mapping All Matter in the Universe

Only 5% of everything in the universe is what we know as matter - or atoms - but scientists had no idea where to find all of it. Until now.

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Mysterious 'Fast Radio Burst' Pinpointed for First Time (Discovery News)
"Only a handful of FRBs have ever been positively identified by looking back through the data archives of radio telescopes. They may be extremely short lived, but they are so powerful that, for the briefest of moments, come from a phenomenon that can generate more energy than our sun can pump out for 10,000 years."

The Host Galaxy of a Fast Radio Burst (Nature)
"In recent years, millisecond-duration radio signals originating in distant galaxies appear to have been discovered in the so-called fast radio bursts. These signals are dispersed according to a precise physical law and this dispersion is a key observable quantity, which, in tandem with a redshift measurement, can be used for fundamental physical investigations."

Cosmological Origin for FRB 150418? Not So Fast (P. K. G. Williams & E. Berger)
"These arguments suggest that the radio source is unrelated to FRB 150418, hence negating the claimed demonstration of a cosmological origin."