How We Design Buildings To Survive Earthquakes

Attempts to build earthquake-proof buildings keep getting better and better, but how exactly do these methods of preventing collapse work?

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Invisibility Cloak Could Hide Buildings from Quakes (New Scientist)
"The 'earthquake cloak' idea comes from researchers in the UK, Italy and France, some of whom were the first to show that the physics of invisibility cloaks could have other applications - designing a cloak that could render objects "invisible" to destructive storm waves or tsunamis."

In Search of an Earthquake-Proof Building (CNN)
"It's a sobering fact: Earthquakes alone don't kill people; collapsed buildings do. But can people engineer buildings that wouldn't crumble when subjected to the rumblings of the Earth?"

Earthquake-Proof Skyscrapers Hide From Seismic Waves (Popular Science)
"Today's engineers buffer buildings with metal springs, ball bearings and rubber pads, all designed to sop up the energy from seismic waves. This summer, a team of physicists at the University of Liverpool in England and the French National Centre for Scientific Research tested a different strategy: redirect the waves altogether."