How to Light a Match With Your Teeth

Look like a complete badass with this simple trick.

***WARNING: this week we're playing with matches again. We shouldn't have to tell you that only responsible adults should attempt any of today's feats under proper safety conditions. We should also point out that if you attempt ANY of these tricks, you absolutely WILL GET BURNED.*** There. Warning's out of the way. Yes you'll get burned, but man, you'll look badass... Do you have what it takes to light a match with your teeth?

PHASE ONE: grab a box of "strike anywhere" matches, and pick out the ones that have the most white "strike anywhere" material on them.

PHASE TWO: dry off your teeth. When you're first practicing, use a paper towel to make sure they're completely dry. Later, as you get more practiced, you'll be able to just use your fingers to get it dry enough.

PHASE THREE: place the match in the part of your teeth that will have the maximum strike area. For a lucky few, you'll be able to pop the match straight forward and light it. For the rest of us, you'll want to drag the match across the bottom of your incisors to fully ignite it.

NOTE: we have no idea what this does to your teeth long term... but we can't imagine it's good :-0