How to Find Your Passion

"Passion exists at the intersection of three of more things you're really curious about." - Steven Kotler

We often hear that finding our passion is the key to living a meaningful life. But what if you haven't figured out what you're really passionate about? In this video, Jason Silva discusses the idea that there is a recipe for finding your passion, a concept written about by Steven Kotler in Forbes.

According to Kotler the first step in finding your passion is to identify three or more things you're curious about. Take out a pen and paper and write down 25 things you want to know more about. These things should be as specific as possible. Don't just put down football, punk rock and food, Kotler writes, "These categories are way too vague to be useful. Instead, be interested in the pass blocking mechanics required to play left tackle; the evolution of political punk from Crass to Rise Against; or the potential for grasshoppers to become a primary human food source in the next five years."

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From there, it's all about finding the the intersecting topics. Being curious alone isn't enough to induce passion, you have to identify the intersections in order to create pattern recognition. When humans recognize patterns, the brain releases the neurochemical dopamine. Linking ideas together physically cultivates the feeling we've come to identify as passion.

Once you've identified the intersecting topics you're curious about, spend time each day learning more about them. Read about or watch videos on the topic, even for just 20 minutes a day, but be consistent.

The next big step is to turn the passion you've found into a real purpose. List 15 problems facing the world that you want to see solved. Then, identify which of these problems could potentially be solved by your passion.

Often times big problems present big opportunities. Once you've identified a problem you can work to solve using your passion, you've found your purpose. Within that purpose lies meaning, and this is the ultimate goal so many of us strive for: to live a meaningful life.

-- Molly Fosco