How to Convert Your Gas Lawn Mower to a Solar-Powered, Grass-Cutting Machine

Still using a gas powered lawnmower? Come on, this is 2012... we've got electric cars, solar panels on our homes, and giant windmills turning wind into power. Everything runs off electricity now, your mower should too. And there's no need to increase your utility bill just to tend to your yard... the sun helps grow [...]

Published On 08/21/2012
7:14 PM EDT
With a few parts, a free weekend and a little DIY know how, you can convert your lawnmower from gas to solar powered (Photo: Lee /
A ordinary lawnmower before its convertion to solar (Photo: Guy Mardsen /
The wiring for the gauges on Guy's mower (Photo: Guy Mardsen /
Mount the solar panels to a piece of wood for a movable charging station (Photo: Jeremy James)