How Team Rwanda Helps Their Country Overcome Genocide

Rwanda's national cycling team is more than a sports team, they're a national symbol for a brighter future.

Samuel Mugisha lived an ordinary life with four siblings and a caring mother to keep him company. But he wanted more, not only for himself, but for his family. After feeling the breeze from Rwanda's national cyclist team drift pass him on the road one day, he knew he found a chance to change their lifestyle.

Training every day, Mugisha learned to bike with speed and no fear of hills and slopes. And upon joining the national team, his life completely changed; But, not in the way he anticipated.

Rwanda's national cycling team stops onlookers in their tracks, cheering the bikers as they zoom by practicing. And this is not purely out of idolizing. Team Rwanda is a symbol of strength and unity, a way for the country to remember to keep moving forward and begin to heal from the traumatic genocide.

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Video via Grain Media