How Smart Are Plants?

Scientists found plants might have the capacity to remember and even communicate. But just how smart could plants really be?

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Plant Neurobiology: An Integrated View of Plant Signaling (ResearchGate)
"Plant neurobiology is a newly focused field of plant biology research that aims to understand how plants process the information they obtain from their environment to develop, prosper and reproduce optimally. The behavior plants exhibit is coordinated across the whole organism by some form of integrated signaling, communication and response system."

Why You Should Thank a Caterpillar for Your Mustard and Wasabi (NPR)
"So here's what happened: Some 90 million years ago, Pires explains, the ancestors of these vegetables evolved defenses to protect themselves from being eaten by insects: They started making chemicals called glucosinolates. 'Most bugs don't like it. It's toxic,' Pires says. 'It turns their guts inside out.'"

The Intelligent Plant (The New Yorker)
"Plants speak in a chemical vocabulary we can't directly perceive or comprehend. The first important discoveries in plant communication were made in the lab in the nineteen-eighties, by isolating plants and their chemical emissions in Plexiglas chambers, but Rick Karban, the U.C."