How Powerful Is The Yakuza?

Japan is home to the one of the largest mafia-like groups in the world: the Yakuza. So what role does the mafia play in Japanese society?

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The yakuza: Inside Japan's murky criminal underworld (cnn.com)
"In August, Japan's largest crime group, the Yamaguchi-gumi, split into two main factions, potentially creating a gang war that may ultimately involve all 21 designated crime groups in Japan."

Yakuza: The Warlords of Japanese Organized Crime (digitalcommons.law.ggu.edu)
"When people think about international trade and transactions they think about multinational corporations conducting legitimate business in commodities such as cars, oil, electronics, textiles, etc. "

All Due Respect (newyorker.com)
"One of the foremost experts on Japanese organized crime is Jake Adelstein, who grew up on a farm in Missouri, worked as the only American on the crime beat for Japan's largest newspaper, and currently lives in central Tokyo under police protection."

Yakuza among first with relief supplies in Japan (reuters.com)
"Tons of relief goods have been delivered to victims of Japan's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami from a dark corner of society: the "yakuza" organized crime networks."