How Powerful Is Nepal?

Nepal is smack dab in the middle of two of the strongest nations in the world. Can Nepal hold its own being in the shadow of their power?

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Earthquake In Nepal Sheds Light On Its Volatile Political History (
"Until Saturday's earthquake and the devastation that followed, Nepal was mostly known for its dramatic landscape and as the stepping stone for hikers on their way to scale Mount Everest. In fact, the landlocked Himalayan country has a volatile political history, including a long civil war that ended only recently."

Nepal constitution talks fail to end protests (
"A resulting slowdown in cross-border truck traffic has plunged the landlocked nation into a fuel crisis that has hampered aid to survivors of last year's deadly earthquakes and spawned a lucrative black market."

Nepal, Between the Dragon and the Elephant (
"Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, who wooed Nepalis on his two visits last year, during which he promoted his "neighborhood first" diplomacy, is now an object of scorn. Some people have burned effigies of him, and a #BackoffIndia hashtag was recently trending on Twitter. While Nepal's allies, including China, welcomed the new Constitution, India merely "noted" it."