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How Powerful Is Kazakhstan?

Since its days as a Soviet satellite, Kazakhstan has grown due to vast mineral resources. So how does Kazakhstan fare on the global stage?

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Kazakhstan election: Snap poll called as President Nursultan Nazarbayev bids to extend his 27-year rule (
"In an attempt to cling on to power amid discontent at falling oil prices in the ex-Soviet state of Kazakhstan, President Nursultan Nazarbayev has called a snap election."

Kazakhstan country profile (
"A huge country the size of Western Europe, Kazakhstan has vast mineral resources and enormous economic potential."

In Kazakhstan, fears of becoming the next Ukraine (
"A volatile mix building in Kazakhstan contains the same ingredients that ignited in Ukraine: a Russian minority that says it fears being under siege, rising anti-Russian nationalist sentiment and pressure on the Russian language."

The Dilemma in the Nation-Building Process:The Kazakh or Kazakhstani Nation? (
"The fall of the Soviet Union led to the creation of new nation states in post-Soviet
Central Asia."