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How Powerful Is Australia?

Australia may have the largest military in Oceania, but how does it measure up with the world at large? Is the nation a global superpower?

A Growing Defense Budget

Last May, the Australian government released its 2014-15 federal budget, including a raise in defense spending. Overall, defense budget would increase by 2.3 billion Australian dollars ($1.9 billion) to A$29.3 billion. Prime Minister Tony Abbott's administration is on track to boost the defense budget to 2 percent of Australia's GDP over the next 10 years. The budget also showed that the Australian Navy, the largest fleet in Oceania, would receive the smallest amount of funding (compared to the other branches of the military) and several naval vessels would be taken out of commission.

Claiming a Stake in the Fight Against ISS

In September, as the international community joined in the fight against the Islamic State, Abbott offered Australian military support. In a speech, Abbott positioned Australia as a key world power in this ongoing combat, saying, "When Australia is called upon to shoulder our fair share of the world's burdens, we rally to the cause. We always have and as far as I'm concerned we always will." The Australian Air Force would provide weapons, military equipment, military advisers, and possibly Royal Australian Air Force Super Hornets. At the time, he estimated that this support would cost A$250 million every six months.

Low Approval Rating Forces Cabinet Changes

As of now, Abbott's policies do not seem to be gaining public favor. On top of a weak economy and various cabinet blunders, Abbott's approval ratings hit an all-time low in December, forcing him to make changes within his administration. Among the changes, Defense Minister David Johnston was forced to resign after making disparaging remarks over ASC, a government-owned ship producer. There's much speculation that Australia will now outsource its submarine construction program.

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