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How Much Sex are College Students Really Having?

College students nationwide are heading back to school, books in hand, dorm supplies packed, ready to study. And have sex.

College students nationwide are heading back to school, books in hand, dorm supplies packed, ready to study. And have sex.

At least that's the reputation of college -- the place to go not just for an advanced education, but also for a carnal education. To experience a lot of hooking up. Maybe a little experimentation before settling down after graduation. But are students really hitting the sheets as much as they are hitting the books? Apparently they are, according to a recent Sexual Satisfaction Survey conducted by Lifestyles Condoms.

After polling students aged 18-24 here's what they found about the amount-and they type-of sex taking place behind closed dorm doors:

Sex is the Norm. Since this was a sex survey, not one of the respondents said they had never had sex. One third (33%) said they hit the sheets several times per week, and 12% admitted being lucky enough to get busy multiple times per day. But not all students are that promiscuous-Almost 2 in 10 (18%) reported they do the deed from every few months to less than a few times per year.

Double Digit Partners. 86% of the respondents have had between 1 and 10 sexual partners, with 10% confessing to more than 15. The largest group? Between 2 and 4 partners, with 38%.

The Question of Condoms. While the majority of 18-24 year old respondents (44%) wear a condom most of the time they have sex, about 1 in 4 (23%) either only wear a condom some of the time they have sex, or worse, never wear a condom.

It's Not All Hookups. While 42% of those surveyed said they were in a casual relationship or a "friends with benefits" arrangement with one or more people, 44%, the largest group, said they were in a serious relationship. Fifteen percent are not in a relationship at all.

No Desire to Stray. Unless... Even with all the hooking up going on, 78% of the respondents said they have never cheated on their partner. But when asked if they would cheat knowing they would never get caught, 22% said they would.

Women on Top. The most popular sexual position among college students? Face to face with the woman on top, the favorite of 32% of those surveyed. Second place goes to the often maligned, and apparently underrated, missionary position with 28%, just barely beating out doggy style, in third place with 25%.

Does Size Matter? Bad news. It seems size does matter, with 83% of those responding saying it was very or somewhat important.

Talk Dirty to Me. The 18-24 year olds surveyed like their sex to be vocal. And dirty. 45% said they like dirty talk, and another 45% said yes, but it depended on their mood.

Watch Out for the Interns. When asked what they planned on doing in the future, one third said they wanted to have sex at work. 28% want that sex to be with a co-worker or boss. It must be an authority figure thing... 28% also said they want to have sex with a teacher.

Nice to Meet You, Let's Have Sex. One in four students surveyed (25%) said they want to have sex with a stranger, someone they have known less than 6 hours.

Keep it On the Down Low. Not everyone is out there bragging about sex. 65% said they talk about the details of their sex lives with friends only sometimes or rarely, and 15% said they never talk about it. Two in 10 (20%) said they give details to friends often or all the time.

Let's Go to the Videotape. They may not talk about their sex lives, but college students have no problem documenting it on video. While 41% said they would never make a sex tape, 54% said they would, or would be open to it. One in 20 college students (5%) admitted they are already breaking out the cam during sex.

Not All Experimenting Happens in the Lab. How adventurous do these students get? Four out of 10 (40%) describe themselves as open-minded and like experimenting with new things. 35% will occasionally try something new, while only 15% are not open to a little experimentation. And it looks like funded research is not the only innovation happening on campus... 11% consider themselves "innovators" saying they are always making up new things to do in bed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. When asked how satisfied they were with their sex lives, about 6 in 10 (58%), said they were "very satisfied." Only 8% said they were not very satisfied or not satisfied at all.

Hmm... I'm thinking grad school might be in my near future.

All photos courtesy of Lifestyle Condoms.

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