How Do Presidents Become Dictators?

Some of the world's longest-ruling dictators started as elected officials. So what actions laid the framework for their authoritarian order?

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VI. The Movement System and Political Freedoms in Uganda (hrw.org)
"The government of President Museveni has taken important steps towards establishing a human rights culture in Uganda, and marked a clear break with the abusive dictatorships which preceded it. "

Ugandan MPs drown in debt (aljazeera.com)
"Nakato Kyabangi Katusiime, 42, had been used to the comfortable life that Ugandan MPs enjoy, but for the next six months, she will - unless she pays up - be confined to civil prison, deprived of the freedom she has always taken for granted."

The world's enduring dictators: Paul Biya, Cameroon (cbsnews.com)
"In 1982, Biya was the appointed successor to Ahmadou Ahidjo, who had ruled Cameroon for 22 years prior. "

New documents claim to prove Mugabe ordered Gukurahundi killings (theguardian.com)
"From January 1983, a campaign of terror was waged against the Ndebele people in Matabeleland in western Zimbabwe."