How Corrupt Is Kenya?

Kenya has its fair share of corruption scandals, and many say the nation's leaders are to blame. So just how corrupt is Kenya?

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Earlier this month, Kenya's chief justice issued an alarming statement on the state of Kenya's leaders, saying "Eighty percent of the country's political leaders are not fit to hold office" and that corruption was at an all-time high. It's been a major problem since Kenya elected its first president, Jomo Kenyatta, in 1964. Kenyatta amassed a great deal of wealth by buying up cheap land after the British had left and selling it at a profit. Corruption has only gotten worse since. Today, there are reports of Kenyan politicians being tied to organized crime and profiting off of weapons trade, drugs, and migrant trafficking. Last year, the country released an official audit that reported just a mere one percent of Kenya's $16 billion budget had been used lawfully. Kenya's police force is notoriously corrupt, known for demanding bribes from citizens all the time. Although Kenya's current president has promised to tackle the issue, there's been no significant progress yet.

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"Kenya is at war with mafia-style cartels run by corrupt politicians and business people, according to the country's chief justice."

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"Since independence, Kenya has suffered from widespread corruption that is evidenced in most sectors of public life and has led to an apparent culture of impunity."

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"Bribery, private payments to public and/or private officials to influence decision-making, is the most prevalent manifestation of corruption."

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