How Competitions Are Advancing The New Space Race

Since the 1700s, science competitions have fueled the field of scientific innovation. So what are some of the largest scientific prizes?

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The Space Race (history.com)
"After World War II drew to a close in the mid-20th century, a new conflict began. Known as the Cold War, this battle pitted the world's two great powers-the democratic, capitalist United States and the communist Soviet Union-against each other."

The Longitude Act, 1714 (longitudeprize.org)
"For any maritime nation, investment in long distance trade, outposts and settlements overseas made navigation, including the ability to determine a ship's longitude, increasingly important."

A $10m Competition To Usher In A New Era Of Private Space Travel (ansari.xprize.org)
"Funded by the Ansari family, the Ansari XPRIZE challenged teams from around the world to build a reliable, reusable, privately financed, manned spaceship capable of carrying three people to 100 kilometers above the Earth's surface twice within two weeks."

Milestone Prizes (lunar.xprize.org)
"The Milestone Prizes, totaling US$6 million, demonstrated (via actual testing and analysis) robust hardware and software to overcome key technical risks in the areas of imaging, mobility and lander systems - all three being necessary to achieve a successful Google Lunar XPRIZE mission. Milestone Prizes were available in each of those three categories."