How Airplanes Changed The Global Economy

Since the first commercial flight in 1914, the air travel industry continues to grow. So how did commercial aviation globalize the world?

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World's First Commercial Airline | The Greatest Moments in Flight (space.com)
"On Jan. 1, 1914, the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line became the world's first scheduled passenger airline service, operating between St. Petersburg and Tampa, Fla."

100 Years of Commercial Aviation (sita.aero)
"This year we celebrate 100 years of commercial aviation, and at the same time 70 years since the signing of the Chicago Convention. "

Flight disruptions cost airlines $1.7bn, says IATA (bbc.co.uk)
"Global airlines have lost about $1.7bn (£1.1bn) of revenue as a result of the disruptions caused by the Icelandic volcanic eruption, a body has said."