How 62 People Are Wealthier Than 3.5 Billion People

Global inequality continues to rise, but the rich keep getting richer. How is it that 62 people are wealthier than half the world combined?

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An Economy For the 1%: How privilege and power in the economy drive extreme inequality and how this can be stopped (oxfam.org.uk)
"The global inequality crisis is reaching new extremes."

Oxfam says wealth of richest 1% equal to other 99% (bbc.com)
"The richest 1% now has as much wealth as the rest of the world combined, according to Oxfam."

America's wealth gap between middle-income and upper-income families is widest on record (pewresearch.org)
"The wealth gap between America's high income group and everyone else has reached record high levels since the economic recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-09, with a clear trajectory of increasing wealth for the upper-income families and no wealth growth for the middle- and lower-income families."

Recession rich: Britain's wealthiest double net worth since crisis (theguardian.com)
"Britain's billionaires have seen their net worth more than double since the recession, with the richest 1,000 families now controlling a total of £547bn."