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Hound Dog Nabs Top-10 Finish in Half-Marathon

A dog named Ludivine really represented for canines, taking 7th in the race.

A dog named Ludivine really represented for canines when it finished a half-marathon in Alabama in 1:32:56, Canadian Running magazine reports.

The bloodhound, a female aged two and a half, finished a very not-official 7th in the "Elkmont Half Marathon – The Trackless Train Trek," taking the whole course off her leash.

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And the kicker? Ludivine wasn't a pet stunt-staged to run the race. She'd been let outside by her owner, presumably for a stroll around the premises. But instead the hound dog found her way to the race start line and simply ran along with the human racers.

"All I did was open the door, and she ran the race on her own accord," Ludivine's owner, April Hamlin, told

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Not including Ludivine, there were 165 (human) finishers of the race. The competition, which benefits Elkton local schools, has been renamed for next year's event to the "Hound Dog Half."

The race was also notable for an 8-year-old entrant setting a single-age record for the half-marathon, finishing in 1:38:22, good for 12th.

via Canadian Running Magazine

June 21, 2012 -

These dogs were part of the Loews Dog Surfing Competition at Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego on June 16. More than 50 dogs participated as thousands of fans watched the event. Ricochet, a golden retriever, who won in the large dog category.

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Dog surfing trainers say the dogs who like the water and the beach are in the sport and that dogs who fear the water are not even trainable.

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Dogs first learn to be "desensitized" to the surfboard.

The dogs are judged on their confidence, length of ride and fashion, according to judge Teevan McManus.

Life vests are a must for the dogs in the competition.

If dogs are enthusiastic about the sport, are in good health and are monitored very carefully with safety in mind, the Humane Society gives the sport a thumbs up.

Once canines are comfortable on the surfboards they are taken out onto the water and trainers hold the boards while letting the dogs feel the rhythm of the water

Owners should first have their dogs checked out thoroughly by a veterinarian to make sure the pets are healthy enough to withstand the activity, experts say.

Most breeds can participate. Bulldogs like to lie down on the board, however, probably due to distribution of their weight. PHOTOS: Record-Breaking Dogs