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Here's Why Wings Don't Fall Off Airplanes

Have you ever feared that your plane would fall apart mid-flight? Well have no fear! Check out this video to see why planes are so sturdy.

Do you ever get the suspicion, when flying in an airliner, that the whole operation is just kind of impossible? That regardless of air pressure and fluid dynamics and kinetic energy, it's still crazy magic that 100 tons of metal are flying through the air? It can be hard to wrap your head around, but flight is really just hard science and numbers. And in the end - it's all about those wings.

In today's DNews special report, Trace Dominguez goes to the source and talks to aircraft engineers about how wings can lift massive airliners like the Boeing 737. Wings come in various configurations, but all modern commercial jetliners use essentially the same design, for some very compelling reasons. Boeing engineers have a lot of data of on wing performance - it's estimated that a 737 takes off every two seconds. Tune in to Trace's report for all the details.

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