Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to viewers in an online video. | AFP/Getty Images

Hearts and Minds: History of Psychological Warfare

As with conventional warfare, innovation and technology open the door to new kinds of psychological offensives.

Published On 04/29/2015
8:56 AM EDT
Pharaoh Ramses II rides his chariot into the Battle of Kadesh in 1276 B.C. Kadesh likely hosted the largest chariot battle in history. | Thinkstock/iStock
A medieval version of an ancient invention, the catapult, is pictured. | Thinkstock/iStock
A closeup of one of the terracotta warriors that stood at attention for centuries in the tomb of China's first emperor. | Corbis Images
This fresco depicts Hannibal's crossing of the Alps on the back of an elephant. Few of the elephants in Hannibal's army survived the journey, however. | Thinkstock/
Genghis Khan, depicted in this statue, is revered in Mongolia, despite his status as a villain elsewhere in the world. | Thinkstock/iStock
A statue of Francisco Pizarro, the conquistador who conquered the Inca empire. | Thinkstock/Hemera
A painting commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the Second Continental Congress. | U.S. Department of Commerce
American World War I pilots outfit their planes with cameras for enemy surveillance. | U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
The mugshot of Iva Toguri following her arrest for treason. | U.S. National Archives
An investigation by the U.S. Congress, led by Sen. Frank Church, uncovered the details of Project MKUltra. The Church committee sought to rein in the capabilities of the intelligence community following its investigation. | Corbis Images