Gravitational Waves vs. Gravity Waves: Know the Difference!

Gravity waves, gravitational waves and primordial gravitational waves... what do they mean? Is there a difference?

Published On 02/08/2016
9:34 PM EST
This image shows a computer simulation of the gravitational waves generated by 2 closely-orbiting black holes. | NASA
This plot shows data from the BICEP2 telescope located in the South Pole. These wiggles were thought to be the signature of "B-mode polarization" in primordial cosmic microwave background (CMB) (a characteristic of gravitational waves produced by the Big Bang). Alas, the signal was actually being caused by polarizing dust in the Milky Way. The search continues. | BICEP2 Collaboration
This NASA observation shows the formation of gravity waves in the atmosphere over the coast of Indonesia. | NASA