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Going deep: free diving for the first time in the Sea of Cortez!

The Basecampers explore the ocean and their own limits learning to freedive.

Troy takes the Basecampers to explore the ocean's depths by freediving at Land's End.

Their guide, Benoit, is the only Free diving instructor in Cabo, takes them to Arco de San Lucas for their first dive. From there they head to the open ocean to experience a totally different sensation of freedom - surrounded by deep blue emptiness. Freediving is something everyone should have on their bucket list!

NEXT EPISODE, The basecampers visit a typical Mexican Ranchero (bonus: it's also a donkey sanctuary.)

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Basecamp is a reality documentary series about a bunch of friends travelling around the world seeking alternative experiences in popular travel destinations. Booking stereotypical resort packages for the logistics and security, we then bust off the grounds and interact with locals to find the best adventures in the region.

This episode features basecampers Troy Peckham, Gabrielle Mather-Senosier and Christine Cleary