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Go On An African Safari Without Leaving The Pool

Take a dip in an infinity pool in the African savanna, followed by a night safari with wild leopards on this ultimate vacation.

Have you ever heard of a luxury safari? Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa is a 65,000 hectare reserve that shares a border with Kruger National Park and offers its guests exactly that: a luxury African safari. It was established in the 1950s by resident landowners, and today many of those that maintain the reserve are third or fourth generation landowners. Guests are often in extremely close proximity to wildlife, considering that 50 kilometers of the border with Kruger is unfenced. Many people have even had the chance to see one of Africa's most elusive creatures, the leopard.

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Guests of Sabi Sands can participate in wildlife excursions in multiple ways. There are game drives where a ranger will accompany you on a drive through the African bush, offering knowledge on hundreds of plants and animals, and if you're lucky sometimes big game will be visible. Game walks are also available, which give guests the option of observing wildlife on foot. You may even be able to approach the animals closely, sometimes within just a few feet.

One thing you might have a hard time adjusting to at Sabi Sands is the early morning wake up call. Mornings start at 5:30am so that guests can take full advantage of morning wildlife viewing opportunities. But never fear, you'll have the opportunity to get a massage, take a nap, or do both during the afternoon leisure time. Not to mention that the restful sleep you get in the incredibly cozy accommodations at Sabi Sands will make those early mornings totally worth it.

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