Fossilize Your E-Waste Into An Epoxy Stool

Graphic artist and designer has a more creative option for recycling all those obsolete electronics.

Still have one of those outdated candy-colored iMac G3's collecting dust in your garage? Or how about that cardboard box of cumbersome keyboards, floppy disks and dial-up modems you have in the attic?

Still not sure what to do with all your electronic flotsam and jetsam? Well, the conscious thing to do would be to dispose of it properly. Or better yet, if it still has a few years left, you can donate it and have these people show you where it ends up.

But if you're the quirky kind and bulky, gauche furniture is your thing, you can always fossilize your E-junk into a stool.

Helping you achieve this is graphic artist and designer, Rodrigo Alonso. His new sculpture-installation-cum-functional-piece-of-furniture is called N+ew: No More Electronic Waste. These "stools" are basically composed of discarded hardware such as circuit boards, mice, cables and any other computer innards you can image that are dumped into a mold and then filled with clear epoxy resin.

Once it has hardened and been polished, what you have is the equivalent to all your defunct electronics being preserved into an ice cube big enough to sit on.

While encasing your electronic relics in gallons of expensive epoxy resin may not be the most economical or environmentally friendly option for disposal, I'll admit I wouldn't mind plopping my keister down on one of these stools while I surf the web.

[Via Gizmodo]

Credit: Rodrigo Alonso