First Drive: Cadillac Re-Enters the Compact Luxury Market with the All-New ATS

If you haven't noticed, Cadillac has been hell bent on shedding the image of being "Grandpa's car." Gone are the big, boxy 4-doors with oversized tail fins and Canary Yellow or Pool Bottom Blue paint jobs. They've been replaced by sleek, sharp vehicles loaded with luxury features, high tech toys, and grin-inducing performance. (Strap into [...]

July 24, 2012
8:11 PM EDT
Photos: Cadillac
The all-new ATS was designed from the ground up as a compact luxury sedan
The ATS is as at home on the track as it is on the street
Caddy not only worked to shave weight from the ATS, but to proved 50/50 balance and an elimination of road noise
Interior choices can dramatically change the ATS from sporty to luxury
The cockpit is not only comfortable, but controls for everything are right at your fingertips with CUE
The ATS retains some of the iconic Caddy back end


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